5 Tips to Keep You Healthy In the Morning

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1-  Wake up at the same time every day

Burke Cleland - Ottawa Personal Trainer

Wake Up Everyday at The Same Time

Rock star doctor David B. Agus, MD, talks about the importance of having a consistent sleep cycle. He says in his book, End of all Illness, that it is really hard for your body to fall into a deep sleep if it is not on a regular routine. Waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day will get you into the habit of having a better sleep at night. You will then stop hitting the snooze button and wake up feeling fully rested.

2- Start your day with some positive reinforcement

Ottawa Sports Physiologist Dr. Terry Orlick has worked with many Olympic and professional athletes, corporate leaders, astronauts, and others engaged in high stress performance missions. In his book, Positive Living Skills, he talks about starting your day by thinking of three positive things to look forward to, or be grateful for. With this simple but effective habit you can program yourself to wake up feeling positive before your eyes even open.

3- Take 5 minutes to move

Burke Takes 5 to Stretch

Burke Takes 5 to Stretch

You don’t have to head out to the gym first thing in the morning. You can get your body mobile simply by doing a five minute mobility workout at home or just walking around the block.  Overweight postmenopausal women who walked at a moderate pace for only 74 minutes a week improved their quality of life (like mood and energy) compared with a sedentary group — whether they lost weight or not. So get out there!

For some recommended some stretching exercises, check out my Exercise Library-click here.


4- Add some protein to your breakfast

Most of my clients lack protein in their breakfast. Many people skip breakfast or eat high carb foods such as cereal, toast and jam. Research shows that eating more protein in the morning will jumpstart your metabolism; giving you more energy, less body fat, increased muscle mass and better blood sugar control. A few higher protein morning options include: vegan protein powders, Greek yogurt, hardboiled eggs, or just adding some hummus and cheese to your toast instead of jam.


Image of a salad.

An integral part of a healthy weight loss diet.

5-  Let the light in

Early morning light exposure is associated with lowering stress which can reset your circadian rhythm and boost your metabolism. This is associated with lower body fat too. Going outside for a burst of sunshine (remember our five minute walk) is best but sometimes just opening up the blinds can still help.

Hey look it is Burke in his Jammie's

Hey look it is Burke in his Jammie’s

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