Five Hard Truths About Weight Loss – Part One

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I started this blog thinking that I could briefly explain the top five reasons why most people have a hard time trying to lose weight. After writing multiple pages I started to realize there was a lot more to it then I thought, so to keep things simple I will break this article into five parts.

In these series of blogs, I will explain why most people have a hard time trying to lose weight and keep it off.

1of 5. The Problem with Diets

A diet is a diet is a diet.  Trust me, the reason diets don’t work is not just because you haven’t found the right one yet. The fixed mindset of dieting is what leads to failure. It is a known fact, if you restrict food you are only going to want it more. Part of the reason for this is the fact that often diets restrict calories too dramatically, and the other part is that we tend to have a finite level of willpower stores in one day.  Restrictive diets deplete our willpower because we are constantly refusing food or monitoring what we eat. Once our willpower stores are depleted, it is all too easy to indulge in that forbidden fruit, cake, or fried chicken. It is really important to understand that your mindset going into a new way of eating will determine whether or not you will be able to maintain those healthy habits for the long term.

Changing the mind set of eating

Forget everything that you have heard before, let go of all the fads, tricks, gimmicks and rules about your own food. What I am about to tell you is going to be hard for you to take because I am running up against billions of advertising dollars to make you feel fat, bad and guilty into buying their products. Are you ready for it?

“Make peace with your food.”

Tips to help reduce stress with food

Sit down, relax, make time for yourself and eat slowly. Focus on how it tastes, how it feels and don’t stress about eating the wrong types of food. If you can do this well, I guarantee you can occasionally eat cake and ice cream, experience less stress and still lose weight. You will start to make a connection between your mind and body. You will eat less and will not feel guilty about it or your food choices. Most importantly, you will eat for the right reasons: to satisfy hunger, provide energy and nourish the body with vitamins and minerals.

You don’t have to listen to them

I am discovering more and more that anxious eating and stress is a major factor in weight gain and the fitness industry is full of it. Wouldn’t it be a relief to shake off all the pressure of trying to conform to the latest diet or cleanse? Imagine having a small portion of your favorite junk food, feeling satisfied, and moving on, with no feelings of guilt and most importantly, no frenzied bingeing.

If you connect with your food and focus on what your are eating, how it tastes and how you feel, you will want to eat healthier and, every once in awhile, you will eat cake, enjoy it and it will not make you fat I guarantee it.

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