Ottawa Core Kickboxing Boot Camp – What To Expect

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Dear Recruits,


Since 2011, Ottawa Core Kickboxing Boot Camp Instructor¬†Burke Cleland has partnered with the¬†Ottawa Sport & Social Club (OSSC) to bring you this innovative new Core Kickboxing program! Burke’s Kickboxing Boot Camp classes combine the best of kickboxing and functional training into a killer workout, focused on strengthening and toning.


Do Real Boot Camp Style Exercises

At Burke’s Kickboxing Boot Camp classes, you can expect a full-body strengthening program designed to build lean muscle and tone every area of your body. You will engage in a variety of physical activities for a total body workout.

As Burke’s boot camp style exercises push your body to attack fat and build muscle, the boot camp’s group dynamic keeps energy levels and motivation high. Burke’s Kickboxing Boot Camps will pump you up with enthusiasm and achieve solid results.


Do real Pro Kickboxing Combinations

Unlike other big commercial kickboxing classes in Ottawa, Burke’s Kickboxing Boot Camps use real pro-kick combinations and focus mitts to increase the variety, power, and skill level of the workout.


Lose Weight While Having Fun

Burke’s Kickboxing Boot Camp classes will tone and sculpt arms, shoulders, back, thighs, glutes, abs, and everywhere else, creating those sleek muscles you strive for! Get serious results while having fun in a supportive environment, building camaraderie with people of all different fitness levels.

Enjoy an intense hour of activity with consistent feedback and encouragement. Improve your strength, endurance, energy levels, and confidence through Burke’s exciting, challenging, and rewarding group exercise program.


Tone Up Waist Lines, Thighs, and Tighten You Core

Kickboxing is an incredibly efficient workout and an exciting way to burn fat and lose weight. You will work your whole body to build endurance, increase your metabolism, tighten your core, and tone up your thighs and waist line. Burke’s intense calorie-burning routines combined with pilates training provides a workout that is second to none!



Burke Cleland, Ottawa Core Kickboxing Boot Camp Instructor


Tuesday & Thursday 6-7pm
1160 Maitland Avenue in the former Rainbow Montessori Gymnasium

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