Quick Results With Just 3 Exercises a Day!

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In recent years, many people have discovered the importance of strength training and “lift heavy” has become an oft-quoted piece of advice. While it’s true that lifting heavy weight will transform your body, it’s important for people to also know that you can get great results without barbells, squat racks, kettlebells, and even dumbbells. That’s right, folks – you can strength train without any equipment… and get amazing results. Welcome to the world of bodyweight training!


Bodyweight exercises are awesome because you can do them basically every day, no matter where you are. And the best part is that anyone can do variations of bodyweight exercises and get great results.


No matter what your fitness level, bodyweight exercises can get you sweaty in mere minutes, and your body will certainly be grateful. That’s the beauty of bodyweight training – it gets you fantastic results, even if you’re short on time and can only do 2-3 different exercises daily. Squats, lunges, pushups, pullups, and planks are only some examples of bodyweight exercises – the possibilities are almost endless and your workouts don’t have to be endless for you to get a solid session in.


My favourite way to use bodyweight training is to build my clients up slowly; at first, I’ll only challenge you to do, for example, bodyweight squats every day for a week. Once you feel confident and are consistent with the squats, I’ll tell you to add a daily plank on top of your squats. Then you can add daily pushups to your routine. The stronger you get, the better results you’ll see and the more you’ll be inspired to add new exercises as a way to challenge yourself. This way, you can go from sedentary to having a good workout routine within a month – and it won’t even be a bore! Before you know it you will be doing chin ups every day ;)


To be clear, I think it’s still important to do other activities like exercise classes, light cardio, going to the gym, or hitting the ski slopes. Bodyweight training isn’t the be-all or end-all of fitness solutions, but if you want to build strength, feel stronger, tone your muscles, and see some daily results, this could be a great start for you.


Bodyweight training really complements my approach to health and fitness perfectly: it lets you start off slowly, wherever you need to, and allows you to build confidence and mastery in a way that keeps you engaged. Before you know it, you’ll be doing exercises you never thought you could do and your body will be looking – and feeling – great.


To kick off your new bodyweight training regime, here is a great little bodyweight workout plan that you can incorporate into your regular activity every day in only minutes:

I hereby challenge you to work out every day for 30 days

1. Day one to seven, Squats.

( Start with 10 on day one and add two more each day until you reach 30)





2. Day eight to fifteen, Planks

( Start with 20 seconds on day one and add two more seconds each day until you reach 30)


3. Day fifteen to thirty, Push Ups

(Start with 10 reps on your knees or toes add one more each day until you reach 30)






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