The Secret Of How To Juggle Fitness Into Your Day Life

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Have you ever read an inspiring way to get in shape and you think this time I am going to do it. I am going wake up at 5am, make a protein shake and go out for a morning run. This time I are going to get in shape. Just before you go to bed you set the alarm for 5am. You feel a bit nervous for some reason, but who cares all you have to do is wake up and just do it. At 5am, the alarm goes off and what do you think happens? If you are like most people you hit the snooze button, you hit it again, again and again. Then you get up at your regular time and start your regular day, just like you did before. Except this time you feel  a bit disappointed in yourself for not following your new plan. I am hear to tell you it’s not your fault. What you are made to believe, in the fitness media, is one great big FAT LIE.


I hear these types of stories time and time again. We have these great ambitions to set big goals and try to create new routines that are too hard for us to manage.  I have a solution that I want to share with that might work for you and has been proven to work for my clients.

Not long ago a client of mine came in one day with a laundry list of things that she felt she needed to do to lose weight. Half of the stuff she said she needed to do wasn’t even on my list of things to do.  She would start this ambitious cycle time and time again only to fall back to the same routines. There was just too much on the list.  We broke it down and picked the easiest, most enjoyable task to on the list and what do you think happened? She started to implement new routines, felt better, became more confidant and was able keep on the program. At the top of the list was just simply walking to work. Weeks went by and she started to lose weight. How is this even possible you think when what they say is you need to exercise harder and eat no carbs. I will tell you how, walking to work helped her reduce stress, it made her feel more comfortable, confident, and clear her mind before she started and finished a hectic day at work. Now this is not a one shoe fits all kinda deal. Walking to work worked well for this person but other folks might benefit from other strategies.  What is important to know is that this small change to her routine got her started and made it easy to add in other habits.

Take the stress out of exercise, make it more manageable, look forward to it and, I guarantee, you will do it and will feel better.

When I was a bachelor I would work out everyday for hours. I was really lean and fit. But then something happened to me, I had kids, and man did things change for me. I felt lost, stuck and hopeless. If I  couldn’t go to the gym for 2 hours then what was the point. I then started to realize the struggle that most of my clients went through. I had to do something, so I came up with a new plan that would work for me and I called it “the 10 minute blast”. I would run with the stroller to the park. I would lift weights at home then attend to a crying baby. I would set up a play date for my kids with buddy and we would do one or two 10 minute workouts, provide the kids would let us.

Every minute would count and although I was not working out as much as I used to, it still added up to giving me what I need during that time in my life and I was still getting all of the health benefits.

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You have to believe in yourself

In order to move forward with our fitness plans we have to know it can be accomplished. So how do we do that? We make the tasks so small and easy it would be impossible to fail.

Look at your daily schedule and think “where can I fit it in and make it enjoyable?” It is always nice to plan an activity with a friend, provided they will not cancel on you, doing small workouts with the people we like is more like a social gathering then something you have to do. This is one of the main reasons why I started teaching small groups.

In conclusion

We don’t have to train for a marathon or sign up to the best gym in town to get good health benefits. Take this advice and make exercise more manageable to fit it into your work and personal life. This way you can manage it freely with out it interfering with your daily life.  If you can do this during your busy life I promise you it would be a fantastic investment into your future self.

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