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Hi, my name is Stéphane Bernadel, a certified Precision Nutrition coach, and this blog will be the first installment in an ongoing series pertaining to nutrition. In this first edition I would like to start with a nutrition superstar: spinach.

Stef is trying choice between the two leafy foods.

Personal Trainer Stephane is trying choice between the two leafy foods.

Everyone heard of Popeye consuming spinach and accomplishing amazing feats. While I do not suggest that you will be able to duplicate his exploits, nor get the girl, spinach is an exceptionally good food. What exactly makes it so good for us?

It is an excellent source of:

– Vitamin A: associated with eye health and helping immune function

– Vitamin C: associated with healthy teeth, gums and blood vessels and aids us in resisting infection.

– Vitamin K: associated with bone health

– Chlorophyll: gives our cells a boost of oxygen


It contains even more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, some hard to find in other foods.

It may also help in:

– reducing inflammation in the body

– slowing down the adverse cell division caused by cancer

– fighting heart disease

– reducing the risk of developing cataracts

On top of that spinach is said to have twice as much fiber as other greens. As most of you know, fiber helps in keeping you feeling full longer. So the next time you want a salad but you are afraid it will not fill you up instead of lettuce reach for spinach. Here is a few other ideas for you to incorporate spinach in your diet:

– in your sandwiches

– in your omelet

– in your lasagna or pasta sauce

– be creative!

Hope you enjoyed this and found it informative and enlightening. Thank you for your time.


In nutrition as in life, there is the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.


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