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This is a story of an inspirational woman with whom I have become really good friends since 2011. Sue is a strong woman determined to keep fit. She very active in many different activities such as skiing, biking, swimming, hiking and gardening. Sue has all but one goal and that is to stay strong and fit to keep up with all 11 grandchildren and keep doing her fitness activities.

Sue Side Plank

Sue does an Advance Plank Exercise


I deeply admire her because she always challenges herself to improve her fitness with each session, regardless what life throws at her. With a smile on her face and a quick clap of her hand I always look forward to hearing her say “Less talking, Let’s Go!”. As a result of this determination, she has improved in her strength, coordination and balance over time and greatly exceeded my personal expectations for her.

Some people would say that it is not possible to improve one’s fitness level after a certain age and the focus should instead be on maintenance.  This is not the case with Sue.

Full Chin Ups

Full Chin Ups

Sue started with some basic movements, requiring a pole for support with exercises like lunging. She comes in regularly two times per week. Sue does not need additional support anymore. She can do chin ups, push ups, and hold planks for over 2 minutes and at many different angles with perfect form. In fact, she puts most of her grandchildren to shame by outlasting them in the plank. Sue has better core strength than some teens today.

Full Plank 2 Minutes

Full Plank 2 Minutes

I really enjoy working with you Sue and I hope you can inspire others to create new fitness goals no matter the age. You are living proof that with the right amount of exercise and determination, strong bodies are possible at any age.

Burke Cleland “Personal Trainer”

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