The Truth About Weight Loss Part III – Does Cutting Calories Work?

October 8, 2016 3:43 pm / Posted in

Forget everything that you know about calories for a second: calories in vs calories out, low calories diets to lose weight, counting calories, everything. What I am about to tell you might shock you: cutting out too many calories could make you fat.

Wait, don’t leave yet! If you are looking to lose weight and keep it off long term please give me five minutes of your time to read this blog. In this blog I will explain to you how easy it can be to lose weight and reduce the stress of losing weight by simply by enjoying your food without making too much change to your current diet.

Have you thought to yourself, “I had enough of feeling fat, today I am going to go on a diet and this time I am going to lose weight – seriously.” So you start reducing calories out of your diet, following new rules of cutting, counting and measuring. Maybe in the first week, you lose four pounds and think to yourself “this is awesome, only 3 weeks to go and I’ll reach my goal”. Then on your second week, you continue to cut calories just about as low as you can handle, while battling with intense hunger, and severe cravings. Yet for some reason, you start to feel really tired and that stupid scale only moved a pound this week. If you make it to the third week, you start to feel worse, now it is affecting you work and social life. But at least you have the scale to pump you up again, just a few more pounds to go before resuming a normal life which includes food. You get on the scale and you find yourself to be only a pound lighter than last week. “WHAT?!?, it’s going to take forever to lose 20 lbs!”

Ok, you need to know it’s NOT Your Fault!

The fact is, if you cut out more than twenty percent of your daily food intake your metabolism will start to slow down after a while. In reality, your body adapts, and compensates for this low calorie intake by making you less energetic, slow, and tired.  Your body is conserving energy because it gets thrust into survival mode due to not enough food.

If you cut out more than 20% of your daily calorie intake your metabolism will come to screeching halt. Instead of losing weight fast it becomes painfully slow, not to mention uncomfortable.

Here is what you want to do

Reduce your food intake by up to 20%.

Here is how you do it

Remove 20% of what you would normally eat from your plate.

As a bonus you can try adding in nutrient dense whole foods that are high in volume but low in calories, like green vegetables.Cutting out 20% of your daily intake will allow you to lose weight effortlessly and make it easier to maintain long term. You may not lose 4 pounds in one week, but over the long term,you will feel awesome, more energized, focused, lighter and healthy, sustainability.


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