Where’s Your Spring?

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March is here, bringing with it longer days full of sunshine and more warmth. Hello, spring!

But how much fun is spring, really, if you don’t have any pep left in your step? We’re not talking about motivation and enthusiasm, here; your natural gait is supposed to have a little bounce to it. Many people think that dragging your feet is normal as you age – of course everything has to get slower and more difficult. This is simply not true.

Lacking spring in your step is not only unnecessary, but it can also limit your springtime activities. When your gait is off, your muscles become weak in some places and tight in others, leading to joint and muscle pain. Your mom was right – dragging your feet is a big deal! So what can we do to correct this? Enter Precision Muscle Conditioning (PMC)™ , an exercise rehabilitation system that trains your muscles to move correctly. I use PMC to assess where your body needs a little bit of tweaking so you can get back to living an active life, whether that include high-performance sports or simply the ability to walk around the block every day. PMC is a great way to lengthen your exercise list no matter who you are!

So, how does PMC work? I start each session by assessing your body for muscular imbalances (don’t worry, everyone has them) so I can see how your movement might be limited now or in the future. Once we’ve finished the assessment, I move on to designing a program that can help you regain your full strength and ability to move. Most PMC sessions are dedicated to a few areas of the body, using one exercise per area. Over time, previously weak muscles will get stronger and then you’ll find you can move better. Your body will feel lighter and freer and you’ll have put the spring back into your step.


Clients have told me that PMC worked for them when no other modality did. They’d tried other systems but the aches persisted. With pain came limited movement, which just led to more pain and more limitations. PMC helped my clients reclaim a strong and open body so they could finally go back to moving how they wanted to. Most of them are actually moving better than they had in a long time! If this sounds like you and it’s been too long since you’ve been able to move freely, don’t worry; PMC can help you get into your best shape!

For more information about PMC please contact me or visit: precisionmuscleconditioning.com

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