Burke’s Boot Camp Fundraising for the YSB 2010

December 30, 2010 10:49 am / Posted in

On behalf of 548 hours of your workouts with Burke’s Boot Camp, Burke presented a donation to the YSB.

Burke’s Boot Camp has been involved in an ongoing fundraising with the Ottawa Youth Services Bureau.  We donate $1 for every time a participant in Burke’s Bootcamp attends a session.  It’s an added incentive to encourage the recruits to never miss a workout!

Well, all those efforts paid off!  I am pleased to announce that my Boot Camps this year generated 548 hours of cardio and strength training for the recruits.  Not only did the recruits reap the benefits of a regular fitness routine, they also helped raise $1000, which I recently presented to the Youth Services Bureau.

That $1000 represents the 548 workout hours plus the money raised at Burke’s Halloween Boot Camp.

On December 16th 2010, at the YSB’s monthly board meeting, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the people that make the YSB what it is.  I was also given the opportunity to talk a little bit about the Boot Camp and about how we are using it to spread the word about the YSB.  I was extremely proud to present the cheque for $1000 that day.  Thank you to all my recruits, and to all the people that donated.

Here I am flexing with Janice Barresi, the Executive Director of the YSB, and deputy police chief Charles Bordeleau, YSB’s chairman.


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