Spring Charitable Bootcamp for the YSB

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Burke’s annual Spring Outdoor Bootcamp had some bad weather to contend with.  After a whole week of warm sunshine, the clouds and rain rolled in.  Finally, on the day of our event, it was chilly and was raining cats and dogs!  It would have been a perfect afternoon to curl up with a good book, or catch up on chores at home, but the dedicated Bootcamp participants came out in droves to get soaked by the pouring rain, and then sacked by a killer workout.

Boot Camp for YSB Ottawa

Spring boot camp after photo


It warmed my heart that so many people came out to support the Youth Services Bureau and were so generous in their donations.  All told, we collected over $400 in support of local youth programs that really make a difference in our community.  I am really proud of what we accomplished that day!

Spring Boot Camp for YSB
Warm Up Drills Around The Cones


Of course, that doesn’t mean I went easy on them.  At this point, everyone who participated was wondering why would they possibly subject themselves to such crushing punishment…


Ottawa Boot Camp for YSB

Crushing Punishment!

But soon, we were warmed up and having fun!

Thank you to all those who participated!  I had a great time and am touched by how generous you all were with your donations.  The Youth Services Bureau is a great cause that has a large impact on the lives of troubled youth so your support will really make a difference to someone who needs help.  Now, since those clouds are still out, you all have my permission to curl up on the couch with a good book or movie.  I’ll see you Monday night for our regular workout!

Boot Camp for YSB Ottawa

Super kicks for a little person



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