Couples or Buddy Training

Couples or Buddy Training is a program that targets busy individuals who are serious about getting in shape. It is an affordable option for groups of two people who want to enjoy the benefit of individually created programs and training at a private studio at a lower cost. It also allows people the pleasure of training with a friend or family member. The program can also include nutrition coaching and homework assignments to do more outside of the studio. This program is for people of all fitness levels who are ready and motivated to make lifestyle changes that promote weight loss, strength building and healthy living. Couples or Buddy Training will be taught by Burke Cleland, a highly experienced trainer and nutrition coach.

With small group training, I will create programs customized to each member of the group. This means that the program design will take into account each person’s individual goals, physical fitness level and any health conditions. The group members do not have to have the same goals or fitness level. Since we will be working in a small group, in a private studio with ample equipment and few distractions, I will be able to ensure that each group member is exercising to his or her fullest potential, without risk of injury.

I have found that exercising in small groups can be especially rewarding. The group members motivate and encourage each other. Also, knowing that your group members are counting on you is another incentive to never miss a workout, and to work your hardest to get the most out of each workout. As an added bonus, you get to spend time with your friends or family, and it’s a lot of fun.

At the Burke Cleland Personal Training Studio, your small group will have exclusive private use of the studio during your session. This means that there is no waiting for equipment and we can focus all our attention on getting the most out of your session. There are no membership fees here. We have the flexibility to make the programming, schedule or payment arrangements that suit you and your group.

Contact me and we will a create customized approach to fitness for your small group.


Groups of 2 to 3 people
Fitness Programing
Nutritional Coaching
Private personal training studio


30 min session $70
1 hour session $120


Weight Loss
Better Health
Muscle Toning
Strength Training
Cardiovascular Improvements
Better Flexibility