Workshop – Total Body Balance

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Location: Dovercourt Rec Center

Date: Thursday April, 7th , 2017

Time: 8:00pm to 9:00pm

Workshop Description:

Balance is a key component of fitness that has been overlooked for years, but not any more. This buzzword “balance” is starting to make waves in the fitness industry and rightfully so because it delivers excellent results as part of a holistic exercise program.

Balancing exercises are fun, challenging, and deliver excellent results. A well-rounded fitness routine typically includes three main pillars: cardio (walking, biking, etc.), strength (using machines, dumbbells, bands, etc.) and flexibility (stretching, yoga, etc.). Balance should be considered the fourth pillar: an immutable component of every regimen that can improve the other 3 pillars dramatically.

What does good balance mean?

Having good balance does not mean you can walk on a tightrope 300 feet up in the air or stand a one of those big inflatable balls you see at the gym. Good balance simply means the ability control the quality of your movements. When doing exercise, this is paramount because the quality of motion can affect the outcome. If you are doing an exercise and you are unable to keep your body stable and you are shaking around like a Jenga tower about to fall, you will not get the results you were expecting to get. Good balance is essential for smooth, confident motion every day, athleticism and for the prevention of injury.

Main objectives of this workshop

  •        In this workshop, expect to have some fun learning about what good balance is and how it can improve your fitness level for sports, general fitness or daily living.
  •        Expect to learn a fitness program that you can practice at home and that does not require any equipment.
  •        Get a demonstration of the SynerLift® Balance System and other types of fitness balance equipment.

The SynerLift® Balance System,  is a revolutionary three-piece balance apparatus that can be used in a variety of workouts ranging from general fitness to rehabilitation to sport-specific training. It’s three simple, sturdy and versatile pieces can be arranged in different configurations in more than 50 powerful applications plus many variations. In fact, with The SynerLift® Balance System the possibilities are endless.

SynerLift Balance Board

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