Ottawa Core Kickboxing Classes

May 15, 2011 2:42 pm / Posted in

Still accepting participants

Tuesday Nights 6-7pm, May 17th to Tuesday, July 5th

Located at the Rainbow Montessori at 1160 Maitland Avenue

I have partnered with the Ottawa Sport and Social Club (OSSC) to teach this innovative new program “Core Kickboxing”. This program combines the best of kickboxing and pilates into a killer workout, focused on strengthening and toning, as well as attaining a “powerful” self-image. No other exercise class contains these two extremes: the powerful feeling of throwing solid punches, and the grace and strength of a pilates workout. Kickboxing builds lean muscle, toning every area of your body. Pilates creates long, lean muscles and develops core strength.

Unlike other big commercial kickboxing classes, Burke uses real pro-kick combinations and focus mitts to increase the variety, power, and skill level of the workout. Core Kickboxing will tone and sculpt arms, shoulders, back, thighs, glutes, abs, everywhere, creating those sleek muscles you strive for!

Intense calorie-burning routines combined with pilates training provides a workout that is second to none!


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