3 Fun Rules For Treats : The Anonymous Cheater

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If you’re going to eat a treat or sweet follow these rules:

1. Make It Yourself

Not only is baking from scratch FUN, it allows you more control. Easy things to do:

a) Cutting Sugar content: So easy! Most recipes have way more sugar than we’d even realize. Brown isn’t much better than white, however, it has a stronger flavour that can add more of a rich taste to what you’re making (brownies, cookies, etc) to make up for the reduction.

b) Adding Flax. Some people use it as a substitute for eggs or oils but I just add it in general because you can barely taste it. Just make sure it’s fully ground to get the nutritional benefits.

c) Ditch BAD oils like vegetable and chemically extracted oils. Use LIGHT OLIVE OIL: It has a smoke point of 460 degrees so it’s perfect!

2. Share it with Friends & Family

Save your indulgences for times when you’ll be with people you’d like to share with. Let’s face it: Sharing means caring and this is SUCH an easy way to avoid OVEREATING. Going to make brownies? Save a couple & drop off the rest to a friends place. Want to make cupcakes? Plan it for Friday when you know you’ll be having company. Simple rule!

3. Have it on Your Busiest / Most Active Day of the Week

Let me tell you a bit about my schedule one the day of the week I indulge in a Starbucks Blueberry Scone:

6am:  Wake up
730: Gym
9: Work
1230: Outdoor Frisbee
3: Finish work & grab a decaf coffee & scone on the way home
7: Volleyball with my friends

See what I’ve done there? I basically dropped my cheat into a day that I’m constantly on-the-go, with friends, having fun, laughing and getting a lot of exercise. I didn’t mention my meals but they’re all balanced. Nothing gluttonous and Ottawa Nutrition Coach Burke Cleland approved. So, on these days of the week, my body laughs at the scone while my taste buds get a little treat. Try it!

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