A Simple Way to Stop Soda Pop Addiction : The Anonymous Cheater

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There are many suggestions around the web on how to stop soda addiction.┬áMost ideas revolve around the idea of just not buying them or just drinking less… Two pieces of advice that are pretty easy to figure out on your own.

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words and this case is no different: Sparkling Water is your new Hero. The carbonation helps trick you into thinking you’re not really watering your drink down.

To help curb your soda addiction, and yes this applies to Diet soda as well, here’s all you need to do:

1. Buy some sparkling water (Perrier, Pellegrino, or generic store brand).
2. In week one, fill your glass with 1/5 sparkling water, the rest with your soda
3. In week two, fill your glass with 1/4 sparkling water, the rest with your soda
4. Continue increasing your sparkling water and reducing your soda

Obviously this is just a guide that I used. You can always start with more or less.

After you master this habit, then try to reduce the amount of days per week you consume soda.

My one piece of advice with this little cheat is that you ease yourself into it. Don’t be a hero in week one and then revert back to your old ways because of the shock of change.

The way this cheat will work best is if your mind and body barely even realize it’s being weaned off its Soda Pop Addiction.

Soon enough on a hot day, you can cut up a lemon, pour in some sparkling water and just be satisfied with that!

Of course, the Ottawa Nutrition Coach we know well would say to simply to stop. You’re welcome to try that. If you don’t think your will power will allow it, give this tip a try.

It worked for me!

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