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Beef. It’s overrated.

I used to say how much I loved it despite all the overwhelming facts against it making it part of your diet. That changed when a friend told me to try it, strained and patted with paper towel (removing as much grease as possible).

It was then I truly realized how bland and rubbery it was without any seasoning. Try it if you don’t believe me. It will give you your best chance at wanting to reduce how much you eat it!

This led me to the surprisingly great world of Yves Veggie Ground “Beef”.

You can buy this product at Rainbow Foods.

My little and EASY cheat this week is about replacing beef with Veggie Ground (“beef”). It’s actually seasoned soy and it’s delicious. Believe my sincerity when I say if it can please me, it can please you!

Here’s what you need for 1 serving :

Veggie Ground Beef (1 serving is 1/3 cup)
Green Pepper
Lettuce Mix
Low-Fat sour cream (1 tbsp, which is 1/2 the serving size stated on most containers)
– A pinch of Old Cheddar (get more bang/flavor for your cheese buck!)

The amounts can easily vary depending on your taste. It’s very forgiving. Just don’t add salt. The seasoned beef already has enough to satisfy your taste buds!

The pictures tell the rest of the story:

– Heat up the oil
– Fry the onion & peppers (or anything else you want to add) and once they’re half done add
– The Veggie Ground and let the veggies finish cooking (the Ground only needs to be heated)
– Place in bowl, sprinkle the cheddar, add sour cream and lettuce and VOILA! 

So we’re ditching the Beef and the Taco shell or burrito wrap. What we’re left with is a delicious bowl of taco salad.

LOW FAT —  HIGH in PROTEIN — HIGH in NUTRIENTS — LOADED with stomach-filling Vegetables!

You truly can’t lose with this cheat. Try it! :)



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