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I have never been more excited about this Online Nutrition Coaching Program for Women called ProCoach.  It is a new, innovative way to help you achieve your goals and stay on track. I am offering this program because I really believe in it. I have already seen great success with habit-based nutrition coaching in through Precision Nutrition, and now I have teamed up with them to offer this program as part of my coaching services.

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This is how ProCoach works

  • Every day, you receive short, easy to follow lessons designed to help you establish healthy lifestyle habits and keep you on track. They are fun and quick to read.
  • Every month, you receive a one hour coaching session at my studio or on Skype.
  • Every month, I create a custom exercise program for you to follow on your own.
  • Every day, I am available to monitor your progress and to help you with every step.

46-HWCI am a certified Precision Nutrition Professional who completed a grueling 12-month program in nutrition coaching and acquired a license to use the ProCoach platform and I will be checking on you every step of the way. Precision Nutrition, the developers of the platform, are industry leaders in body transformation who have effectively coached over 45,000 clients to more than 900,000 pounds of weight lost.

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The ProCoach technology and curriculum gives you a program that really works. It integrates change psychology, metabolic physiology, and nutrient biochemistry into a program that busy people like you can use to get unbeatable results.

There are two things that I love about this new program. I love being able to offer coaching daily, so that my clients are reminded to continue their healthy habits in their busy lives, and not just when they are in the studio with me. I also love the cost. ProCoach allows me to reach out to more people, delivering personal service at a cost that people can truly afford. For only $179 per month, you’ll receive access to the ProCoach software, a face-to-face monthly coaching session and personalized fitness program to follow, and daily access to me by email or phone to smooth out any bumps that you might encounter.


If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact me and I can send you more information about the program, or invite you into the studio for a free consultation.

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