Success Story: Keira Torkko

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1. What do you like about the program?
-I like doing the program with friends – greater motivation and support.
-The program is easily manageable given my work and family commitments. I am able to complete the workouts in under 30 minutes first thing in the morning.
-The nutritional guidance is sensible and realistic – it is about lifestyle changes, not ‘quick fix’ solutions
-Burke’s studio is conveniently located and clean – and sufficient space for our group of four (three friends and Burke)

2. What type of results have you seen?
-Committing to a regular exercise program – my family noted I had more energy and was in a better mood
-Easier to get up in the morning
-More definition in arms and back

3. What are you able to do know in your lifestyle that you have not be able before?
-Helping me get back to ‘pre-baby’ energy levels.
-It is still a process to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and clothing – but well on the way.
-Lunges, yes, lunges… I can do more now that I’ve ever been able to do before.

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