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“I had a great year working with Burke and ProCoach, the results exceeded my expectations and I had a great deal of fun as well. I would recommend the program for anyone looking for a supportive program that is educational. as well as fun.” – Jill


Jill came to me after many attempts to build and maintain a healthy relationship with food. She had been successful in bursts: eating well for short periods, but never consistently. Like so many people, Jill had also become overwhelmed by the contradictory advice about what foods are healthy – should she eat carbs or were they the devil? She came to me seeking expert advice from someone she could trust, so she might build healthy long-term habits.


Jill’s main goal was to eat healthy and lose weight, so she started ProCoach, an affordable program I offered. One year into the program, she has achieved her goals and so much more:


“Burke has helped tremendously [in achieving my goals. I also] learned mistakes I was making in my training that were not providing the results I wanted and were contributing to injuries and making myself more injury-prone.


I feel much more relaxed about how I eat and I feel I have the tools to sustain a healthy relationship with food as well as having a better sense of how to exercise for improved health and fitness. I look forward to figuring out my menus and choosing my exercise routines, as opposed to dreading the choices and second guessing myself about what would be best.”



Jill had a knee injury during the program, so I made sure to give her exercises and advice she could do without aggravating her knee.


“[Burke] helped me adjust my exercise routine to ensure I did not overdo my workouts but still could continue to be active. Burke helped me with looking at my mechanics to see if I had any underlying issues that needed to be address and he also helped me keep my spirits up and not feel defeated by having to do less than I might otherwise want to.


The injury also taught me the value of less extreme forms of exercise and how moderate and light effort [exercises] have a vital role to play in how well I feel after exercising. I came back stronger.”


Jill also developed healthier and more flexible views of what’s healthy:


“Working with Burke and ProCoach, I was much more able to see exercise and eating as a choice gradient with choices ranging from poor to excellent. My job was to make the best choice I could for the day and my circumstance and keep striving to make better choices. He has a very nice way of providing feedback that is caring and helpful without it feeling critical.”


Now Jill has better habits without feeling like she’s had to make sacrifices. She can take advantage of the extra energy and mood boost from adding moderate exercises like biking, hiking, and swimming to her routine instead of feeling exhausted by the extreme gym-based workouts she had grown used to before ProCoach.


It’s been a pleasure working with you, Jill, and I’m so glad you’re having fun on your fitness journey!



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