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I was at the museum with my kids when my phone rang. I heard a faint voice on the other line asking to speak with me and was inquiring about my services. She said her name was Tracy and she was interested in getting started in a fitness program but felt she need motivation and direction on how to start.


“ Historically exercise has always been vital in keeping me in good mental and physical health. Unfortunately, several years of bad physical health, and a diagnosis of celiac disease, had resulted in years of inactivity. The wear and tear of these physical challenges also had a negative impact on my mental health. After years of illness, I found myself in a period of poor physical and mental health. I feel that adding exercise would enable me to continue to recover but I am not sure where to start.”

After chatting for a little while, I then proceeded to ask her about her fitness goals. She said;

“I just want to move again and feel better. Currently, I am on stress leave from work and would like to be able to feel strong enough to go back to work and live a normal life with out feeling depressed. I really feel overwhelmed and it is hard for me to do anything, this is tough because I used to be in great shape and certain problems before did not affect me as much as they do now. ”


Tracy September 2016


I told her let’s just start off by having our first session as a meet and greet then see what happens after that. We had a chat and agreed to start exercising the following week. During the second session we did light bodyweight movements and started shadow boxing. Within a matter of weeks she was starting to feel better after her workouts. She was able to release the tension that she was holding on and started feeling confident again. This lead into lifting heavy weights and hitting some pads.


Tracy’s testimonial;

“My goal to feel better was reached quickly as Burke’s methods and style of personal training quickly enabled the “muscle memory” to kick in as well as re-ignited my love of physical activity.”



Her passion for exercise increased dramatically.  She then became a certified personal trainer and was looking to teach classes. This led into her opening up her own fitness business and pursuing bigger fitness goals.


“Since that “bounce back” my goals with Burke have been to maintain a balanced and strong state of physical health so that I can pursue my dreams of having another amateur boxing bout and launching my own company Bad Ass Bitch Enterprise.”

You can now find her doing high-intensity spinning workouts, work out independently and blogging on her website If you ever run into her and ask her how she was feeling now she would simply reply.

“I feel fucking awesome!”


Tracy June 2017


For most people their fitness goals are simply to fit into better clothes and lose a few pounds off the scale. There is one overlooked area that physical activity can provide that is probably one of the most important and that is our own mental health. It has been proven time and time again that physical activity can help people overcome mild depression and anxiety. When we are able to tap into these primal sources we start to feel better and start to become a whole again.

Tracy Smith came to see me to be inspired and start exercising again, to my surprise she inspired me with my business and own personal fitness goals. It is really incredible what she was able to accomplish in such a short period of time. She is back to work, full of life and has many new hobbies. I am really proud of her for all of her accomplishments and her passion and ambition has truly sparked mine.


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