"Training with Burke broke my plateau."

March 18, 2011 5:21 am / Posted in Testimonial Category: Personal Training Testimonials.

I had lost 65 pounds on my own over the past two years and found myself at a plateau. In November of 2005 I decided to try personal training and hired Burke. Over the 3 and half months that I trained with Burke, I learned more about weights, circuit training and nutrition than I had in the past 2 years. The workouts were challenging and very effective. Training with Burke broke my plateau and I was able to lose the last 20 pounds.

Quote from Burke: Struggling at a plateau is never fun, you get so close to your ideal goal but can’t get those last few pounds off. This is when you need to break out of the box and start thinking about new options. Anika had to ramp up the intensity and be more disciplined in her diet. She did that and was able to reach her goal.


Testimonial Category: Personal Training Testimonials.

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