"Excellent experience and skill."

May 20, 2011 9:45 pm / Posted in Testimonial Category: Personal Training Testimonials.

I met Burke at Algonquin College, in the fitness and lifestyle management certificate course, when we were both students there. Burke has been participating in active fitness exercises for several years. He shows leadership qualities with a particular interest in fitness for health. During Gym sessions, he coached me on the skills of exercise training, which had a great effect on my motivations for exercise ever since. He has a very effective approach as a Trainer. He is well informed on the subject, with excellent experience and skill. He has obtained several certifications in Fitness. He is a dedicated Trainer, showing concern for his clients, and has developed an excellent exercise program targeting special population groups.

–Dr. SK Zabaneh, M.B.CH.B. (Bristol); F.R.C.S.(England) (Consultant General, Accident & Emergency Surgeon) – Fitness for Health – Strategy Advisor

-Dr. SK Zabaneh

Testimonial Category: Personal Training Testimonials.

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