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Sometimes, getting yourself to the gym can be difficult. Sure, the exercise is always (okay, usually) fun, but it can definitely be challenging to get yourself motivated to get to the workout. So what better way to get you going than to have a friend or four waiting for you at the gym? What if working out was a social activity and not something to face on your own?

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I am, of course, referring to small group training. My group training classes are excellent for people who like a little bit of friendly competition, a lot of laughs, and a good workout. Here are some of the main benefits of group training:



  • You get to train with people at a similar fitness level

    We’ve all been there – trying to lift an 8 lb dumbbell while someone next to you is lifting 250 lb. It can be daunting to train with people who you feel are more “advanced” than you. Training in a group with similar fitness levels means you’ll be working out with others who are at your fitness level, so you can feel good about the favour you’re doing your body instead of feeling bad about yourself for not being like someone else. And exercise is about feeling good!

  • You get to train with people that have similar interests

    Many people feel like they don’t have opportunities to meet people or make new friends. Group training is the perfect antidote to that – it brings you and people with similar interests together in a new environment, so you can make new friends while you work out. Being social is good for you, exercise is good for you and combining the two is great for you! Not to mention, the people who will be in your training group are likely to be health-minded as well, so your new friends will help you stay on track!

  • You get to have fun

    “I wish I laughed less and had way less fun,” said No One Ever. I know far too many people who stare at the clock while they work out, praying for the minute hand to move… a little… faster. Working out with a group of like-minded people helps you be more engaged in your workouts because you’re having fun and not wishing you were anywhere but where you are. An added bonus: when you’re more present in your workouts, you’re more likely to do exercises with proper form and therefore less likely to hurt yourself.

  • You leave feeling like a superhero!

    Working out regularly should make you feel energized – and having a group of people to cheer you on doesn’t hurt! When you combine the energy you get from a work out with the glow you get when you’re having fun with friends, you have a recipe for consistently leaving the gym feeling great.


Group training is an excellent way to spice up your workouts and make new friends. If you want more information about group training, click here.

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