Core Kickboxing Classes: New 10 Week Format for the Fall Term

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Dear Recruits,

I am still partnered with the “Ottawa Sports and Social Club” to bring you group exercise programs in an innovative and new 10 week format! Core kickboxing classes combine the best of kickboxing and functional training into a killer workout, focused on strengthening and toning. No other exercise class contains these two components: the powerful feeling of throwing solid punches, and the strength building of a total body functional workout.

Reduce Body Fat, Lose Weight

Kickboxing builds lean muscle, toning every area of your body. These exercises create long, lean muscles and develop core strength. Core Kickboxing classes will tone and sculpt arms, shoulders, back, thighs, glutes, abs, everywhere, creating those sleek muscles you strive for!

Friendly People to Train With at the Ottawa Sports and Social Club

Unlike other big commercial kickboxing classes, you will get to hang out with people who have the same interests as you on a regular basis. Everyone starts this class as a beginner, but rest assured, with support from the veterans, you will soon become a lean mean Core kickboxing machine.

Kickboxing Classes Help Reduce the Mid-Section, Legs and Hips.

I use real pro-kickboxing combinations and focus mitts to increase the variety, power, and skill level of the workout. In this program expect to use all body parts and all energy systems. Improve your cardio with endurance and explosive training. Everyone starts at their own level and rapidly progresses to be able to keep up with the rest of the class.


Kickboxing Classes - Burke Cleland - Fitness Trainer

Kickboxing Classes – Burke Cleland – Fitness Trainer



Tuesday & Thursday Nights
1160 Maitland Avenue in the former Rainbow Montessori Gymnasium
$155+ Tax once per week OR $305 twice per week
10 sessions (1 class per week) or
20 sessions (2 classes per week)
6:00pm to 7:00pm (an intense hour-long workout)
Session 1:
Tuesdays -September 17th and ends Tuesday, November 19th
Thursdays – September 19th and ends Thursday, November 21st

Included in registration fee are hand wraps. All other equipment (focus mitts/punching bags) will be provided by the instructor.

-Burke Cleland Fitness Instructor

Kickboxing Classes - Burke Cleland - Fitness Trainer

Kickboxing Classes – Burke Cleland – Fitness Trainer

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