The Health Benefits of Boxing for Young and Old

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Remarkable results

Boxing/Kickboxing was introduced to me in 2008 by Jean Yves Thériault, world kickboxing champion for over 15 years.  Jean Yves-AKA the Iceman- led me through a professional training regime and even coached me through a few amateur kickboxing matches. At first, this was a personal challenge for me, but then I started to realize the health benefits. I started to notice changes in my balance, coordination and, more importantly, a reduction in stress. I was then inspired to implement kickboxing and boxing training into my own practice as a personal trainer and class instructor. The results were remarkable! People were having fun and improving in their health. I even started to implement the strategies with older adults. Some people thought I was crazy but not my clients: they could feel the changes.

Diane & Burke about to do some boxing pad training

Diane & Burke about to do some boxing pad training

 Boxing was add to my Boot Camps

When I introduced it to my Boot Camps, my clients reported the same results. Reduction in stress, weight loss, having fun, and improved fitness levels.



Out Door Boot Camp at McKellar Park


Boxing for the mature Adult

Harry, 77 years young, started boxing with me 8 months ago. Since then, he has reported an improvement in balance, energy, cardio, coordination, and most importantly his cognitive thinking got better.

Of course, fitness in general has a lot of health benefits and it is very different for each person. Trips to the gym to hit the cardio machines and press out some reps on the strength training machines are really good tools. However, learning something new and challenging your body and mind in different ways with every workout has additional benefits, especially as we age, and can keep us interested and motivated.

Harry on loads a four hit combo

Harry on loads a four hit combo

How to get more out of your fitness

Of course, it’s not just boxing training that confers these health benefits on adults.  Any fitness activity that is new to you and that has been designed with adults in mind can have the same impact on your overall health. Some activities besides boxing could be ballroom dancing, Tai Chi, Aqua Fitness or just learning a new exercise program with a new group of people.

People between the ages of 40 and 65, suggesting that middle age may be a key time to begin or maintain an exercise program if you wish to keep telomeres, the ends of your DNA, from shrinking, says Paul Loprinzi, an assistant professor of health and exercise science at the University of Mississippi.

If fact, you can declined your telomeres from shrinking more substantially if you exercise more. People who reported two types of exercise were 24 percent less likely to have short telomeres; three types of exercise were 29 percent less likely; and those who had participated in all four types of activities were 59 percent less likely to have very short telomeres. -New York Times


Exercise with other people

Make it social by getting together with a group to really maximize your health benefits and hold you accountable. This is one of the reasons why I like Dovercourt Rec Centre. They have many group classes to choose from, and provide a fun and sociable atmosphere that is safe for all ages.

So don’t be afraid to change it up, challenge your body, mind and most importantly have fun while doing it!


Written by,

Burke Cleland – Fitness and Nutrition Coach

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Burke’s References for Triple Threat Boxing

andrea“Friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere.”

I really love the classes because of the high energy level and the friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere. I also enjoy the fact that it is co-ed, and the group is a wide variety of ages, shapes, and sizes. I have attended a number of boot camps in the city and I like Burke’s the best because it is a great work-out and fun.


deborah“Supportive environment.”

The thing I like the most about boot camp is the supportive environment.  I have tried other classes that claim you can “go at your own pace” and have still found myself overwhelmed.  Now, I have more energy, I feel stronger in general, my stamina has increased.  Burke’s classes have even improved my squash game!


sean“Exciting, challenging and rewarding.”

I joined Burke’s Boot Camp in July 2010. Within 2 months I lost 15 lbs, improved my strength, my endurance, confidence and energy levels. I really like the boxing drills, skill building and camaraderie that is developed throughout the program.  Each class is exciting, challenging and rewarding.


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