Burke’s Boot Camp fall field trip with TV’s Tommy Europe

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I finally got a taste of my own medicine when I attended the sold-out Tommy Europe Boot Camp at Lansdowne Park on a Sunday afternoon in late September.

Tommy rolled in about a half hour late while we waited in the raining, freezing cold, but still everyone went nuts. He emits nothing but positive energy as he makes his way through the crowds saying “hi” to everyone and pumping us up for a boot camp ass kick’n. Entering the gate with a moon walk dressed up like a GI Joe football player I could not help but notice his huge double wrist watch. It reminded me of the guy in school who thought he was cool with calculator strapped around his wrist so he could cheat on the math test.

I marched right up to Tommy and said “Tommy could I get a photo with you?.”

“For sure,” he says with a warm smile. The non-shy Tommy pulls me in a gives me a huge side hug for the photo. “Thanks Tommy,” I said.

“Try to thank me after the Boot Camp,” Tommy replied. I walked away thinking, “sure Tommy, you bring it, I’ll do it.”

Little did I know that over the next 40 minutes, he would crush me like a pop can.

Walking on to the field at Frank Claire Stadium was really freaking cool. I have never been on a pro football field before in my life and I can only imagine that everyone one else was thinking the same. The turf was clean, unlike real grass and there was no need for a yoga mat.

For some reason, Tommy could not get the PA to work so he pulled out the megaphone as per his TV shows. He told everyone it was important to go at our own pace and let one of his 5 on-staff trainers know if we feel sick. I was really impressed to see that he had 5 spotters on the field and it wasn’t like a Body Pump class free fall. Tommy’s confidence would have blown through the roof as he got everyone around him in a circle to start with jogging on the spot and burpees. My heart rate went from 70 beats per min to about 140 per min in less than a minute. I should known better than to try and show off. Then it was lunges and twists with different variations of pushups and crunches. My core was cooked and we were not even half way through the work out. Personally, I would have saved the abs for the end part but Tommy does have a wicked 6 pack. We then ran around the field and finished off with more pushups and core activity.

I could barely finish off the last few sets fully so I got my fill for that day. Good work Tommy! Everyone from my boot camp enjoyed themselves and Andrea said, “Burke, you better not be getting any ideas from this.”

We all had a good laugh and took a group photo at the end.


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