Precision Muscle Conditioning

Precision Muscle Conditioning™(PMC) is an exercise-based method that helps identify and strengthen your body’s weakened or inefficient muscles. Today, it is the most effective tool that I have for improving your body’s symmetry, which is important for free, unrestricted movement. PMC helps develop the optimal amount of muscular support so that daily activities, physical activities and sports do not overload certain areas of the body more than others, putting you out of balance and at risk of injury. PMC is a holistic approach that works your entire body. PMC also takes into account your personal health history and physical activity profile to create the most effective program for you.

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How much is PMC?

  • One hour session is $90

How many sessions do I need to buy?

  • After the first session I will have an idea on how long it will take, and how often you will need to see me, to get to your goals. I will try to accommodate every budget. You can prepay for sessions or pay as you go.

Is PMC Physiotherapy?

  • No, PMC is not Physiotherapy. PMC is an exercise rehabilitation system that compliments the muscular system. A certified PMC instructor does not treat pain. He or she looks at the body as a whole and uses the muscular system to strengthen the whole body instead of treating the area that has pain. As a result, some clients have reported that they feel less pain, are more flexible and are stronger.

How frequently do I need to come in?

  • The ideal frequency varies from person to person. Usually clients have already hired me for personal training. In this case we use about 20 – 60minutes on average per week for PMC. Others prefer just to do only PMC. Usually clients start once or twice each week. Many of my weekly clients reduce their frequency to bi-weekly or even monthly once they’ve demonstrated the ability to consistently get to the gym and progress their exercises as recommended.