"I have lost about 20 pounds."

March 17, 2011 12:42 pm / Posted in Testimonial Category: Boot Camp Testimonials.

I first met Burke about 5 years ago when I was looking for a personal trainer. I worked out with Burke for almost a year, lost almost 50 pounds, and felt better than I have in about 20 years. This past July, Burke emailed me saying that he was starting a boot camp, which I was very interested in, however work and other things got in the way and I was unable to join in until September.  It had been a long four years since I last worked out with Burke.  I had started a new job which involved lots of travelling and I had pretty much stopped exercising. I had regained about 30 pounds, and I was pretty unhappy. However since joining the Boot Camp in September, I have lost about 20 pounds, and my most recent physical showed my blood pressure and cholesterol reduced.  My clothes are fitting better and I have more energy.


Testimonial Category: Boot Camp Testimonials.

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