What Makes a Good Coach

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Everyone wants to get in shape and lose weight: you buy the gym membership hit the grocery store and fill up your cart with lots of whole foods. This is great, you are starting to feel better and you even lost a few pounds, but then something happens and you start getting back into your old routines. As the days go by, you are back to all your old habits.

Today, people have a thousand things to manage each day.  Managing a lifestyle change such as the adoption of new healthy habits is incredibly challenging.  Sure, we can get things started but why can’t we keep change going?  Every person is different and needs different support structures to manage change.  Individualized support and accountability networks are essential so you can rely on them when motivation fails, which it will inevitably do.  This is where a good coach can help.

Working with the right people means more then just someone you go to the gym and workout with.  They can provide motivation, inspiration, give you encouragement, help you set goals, and help you be more accountable.  A good coach can also help you identify and overcome obstacles and can help you design the exact support system you need to stay on track and steer you in the direction of your goals.  Check out this infographic below for a reminder of how a good coach can help you in your fitness journey.


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