New Year’s Evolution

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Every year on January 1st, millions of people make themselves a promise: to make this the year that they finally get fit. This is no news to you; perhaps in the past, you’ve made a fitness-related new year’s resolution or you know someone who has. If that’s the case, you also know that most people abandon their resolutions by the end of January and continue living life the same way as they did the year prior. So what’s the point? Could there be a better way to go about greeting a goal for the new year?


New year’s resolutions absolutely have their place; they carry with them the hope of a better future and the conviction that you can do it. They’re inspiring, and that’s amazing. Where they fall short is that they don’t usually take into account that changing your life takes time and changing your lifestyle isn’t something that usually happens overnight. It’s unlikely that you’ll successfully overhaul your eating and exercise habits from  December 31st to January 1st . But the great news is that, because change can start gradually and doesn’t have to happen from one night to another, you don’t have to wait for any date – not Monday, not next week, not next month, and certainly not next year – to start changing your life and your lifestyle. Your journey to a fitter and healthier you can start right now.


So this year, rather than waiting for January 1st to throw out every junk food item and to work out like a demon 6 days a week, start today. Think about what little thing you can do to improve your health today. Now do it. Then do it again tomorrow and the next day. Keep doing it for a couple of weeks, then add another thing that’s good for you. Continue with this momentum until you’ve built a lifestyle that you only dreamed of before.
Maybe you want to add a couple of servings of vegetables to your next meal and start incorporating more fruits and veggies in your diet. Maybe you want to take a long walk in the snow after dinner tonight. Maybe you want to go trampolining with your friends instead of going out for dinner this week. Whatever it is, whatever sounds doable and pleasant to you, start there and see what happens. Remember that change takes time, that fitness is about challenging yourself in ways that are bearable and sustainable over the long term, and to have fun with it. Happy new year… and happy lifelong change, growth, and health!


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