Calisthenics Workshop

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Fun, easy, manageable, and no equipment required

The Calisthenics Workshop is for people who want to get started on a fitness plan or adding to their current routine.

Unlike online exercise classes, this program is designed to make you more independent to do exercise on your own. You’ll learn many exercise modifications and progressions, giving you the knowledge and understanding you need to work within your own thresholds and always get a good workout!

Short workouts – as little as 15-30 minutes a day – will make it easy for you to slip in a workout every day and ensure your success. These short and effective exercises, done daily, will help you get better results and make you feel good about exercising so you’re happy to do a little more, even outside of the program.

For every week of the program, you’ll get:

  • Two (2) instructional exercise videos that you can do on your own
  • One (1) live and one (1) recorded Zoom workout
  • Progress charts, questionnaires, and feedback

I’ll be there to guide you and hold you accountable by recording your progress, which I’ll send you weekly to keep you on track.

The Calisthenics Workshop will help you:

  • Feel more confident
  • Be more consistent with your fitness
  • Understand how to evaluate each exercise
  • Lose weight
  • Tone and define your muscles
  • Increase your bone density
  • Improve your balance
  • Improve your heart health
  • Become more flexible
  • Reduce body stiffness or pain
  • And – most importantly – make exercise a pleasurable experience


Price: $125 (for a workshop that would cost over $400 normally!)

Duration: 4 weeks (February 8th- March 9th)

What’s included:

  • 4 x 30-minute live and recorded Zoom workouts
  • 8 bonus pre-class instructional videos
  • PDF programs to use as a reference and track your progress
  • 4 different programs with progressions, no equipment required

Start date: Monday, February 8th

  • You will begin with a private consultation
  • The live workouts will be every Monday at 8:15 ambeginning on February 16th
  • Our last live workout will be March 8th 2021
  • Prior to the live workouts, you will be sent a pre-class instructional video, which you’re expected to have reviewed before the class
  • Every Sunday you will receive a quick feedback email to keep track of your progress

Private Consultation

I would like to get a good idea of you and your goals before the workshop kicks off. The consultation will allow us to get to know each other and give you the opportunity to ask me about the program before it begins. Even if we’ve worked together before, I’d still like to take the opportunity to check in with you.

Pre-Workout Videos

How many times have you taken an exercise class and felt like you didn’t fully understand how to do the movements? I’ve been there and it’s frustrating. Because we’ll be working online, we can go through the movements before the live workouts, so you can feel confident about the exercises when we do them during class. You’ll want to make sure to go through the week’s pre-workout videos before the live class begins to get the most out of them.

Live Workouts

You had your consultation, run through the pre-workout videos, and now you know what to expect. It’s showtime! During live workouts, I’ll still be helping you and making sure you feel comfortable as you exercise. Circuits are timed so you can go at your own pace. We will also take a few moments after each class to have a Q & A.  The important part of this program is to have fun learning and begin to see the great benefits that fitness has to offer. I’ll be holding your hand the whole way through!

Sunday Feedback

I am here to help! The best way for me to do that is to hear from you directly. You’ll get a quick questionnaire to fill out every Sunday so you can stay accountable and ask any questions you may have. Not only will this help you stay on track and keep fitness as part of your daily routine, but it’ll also empower you with more knowledge about fitness so you can keep the momentum going!


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