When I Lost Faith in Weight Training

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I know, the title is surprising. I’m a trainer, right? Weight training is one of the main things that I do, it’s what I teach others to do, and it’s part of who I am. But there was a time when I stopped believing that weight training was what was best for my body.

At the time, I was 33 and was, of course, doing plenty of weight training. Most of the time I trained, I would injure myself. It was baffling. Despite my profession, I couldn’t explain why this kept happening, but I did know I had to lay off the weights.  So that’s what I did for a while, continuing my work as a personal trainer as if I hadn’t. I kept thinking to myself, “Why the heck isn’t this working for me?” It felt like I had lost part of my identity – who could I possibly be if I wasn’t a weight lifter? How could I possibly be teaching my clients to do something that I didn’t dare do myself?


My lifting boycott was difficult for me, especially because I knew something was wrong. I tried all kinds of different modalities to get myself back on track. For 3 years, I tried what seemed like everything. Finally, I came across something that could keep me active without hurting myself: tai chi. It wasn’t too intense, so my body could handle it.

There was still the matter of not being able to lift despite it being part of my career. I searched for a way to rehabilitate my body. Eventually, I discovered new techniques called Precision Muscle Conditioning (PMC) and Synerlift and started practicing them with a certified practitioner. I was skeptical and didn’t know whether the techniques would work because so many other therapies had failed me by that time. I felt like my body was broken and I hoped that PMC and Synerlift could help put it back together.

Amazingly, they did help. And the results far exceeded my expectations; not only did I regain my ability to lift and all my strength after the first year of a PMC and Synerlift combo, but I also became stronger than I ever had been. I even got back into kickboxing after a three-year break. Precision Muscle Conditioning and Synerlift worked so well to truly rehabilitate my injured body that I became a practitioner of both and now use them with my clients. Now, I’ve totally regained my identity and I feel so much more passion for what I’m doing because I know I’m doing right by my clients and their bodies.


PMC and Synerlift taught me more about my body; they taught me that I had muscle imbalances and the weight training I’d been doing just aggravated the imbalances. It happens all the time! Now, I have the tools and understanding to know what clients truly need. I’m so grateful to be able to help clients avoid what was such a difficult experience for me. If you feel that you might be experiencing the same ongoing muscle soreness or injuries, please reach out! Email me at burke@burkecleland.com or text me at 613.290.6249.

Click on the links if you want to learn more about PMC and Synerlift.


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