Did We Veto the Keto?

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Most people know that there are trends in the diet industry and that diets tend to spike in popularity and then slowly die down once a new diet has hit the spotlight. When the ketogenic diet (“keto”) started to become popular, many people said that it was just a fad and that it, like other low-carb diets (including Atkins and Paleo) before it, would soon fade into oblivion.

Not even a year ago, it seemed I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about the keto diet. Everyone and their mother was talking about it, Googling recipes, and asking me for my opinion as a personal trainer. Searches related to the keto diet hit a peak in the days leading up to New Year 2019 – Canadians kicked the year off by kicking carbs to the curb. More recently, however, the buzz has quieted down. So were the naysayers right after all – was keto just a fad?

I mentioned in my previous blog post about keto that people love it because they get to eat food that tastes good and they get quick results. Keto is also great for people with epilepsy or Type 2 diabetes. None of that has changed. What has changed is that people are realizing that they can’t – or don’t want to – skip out on their favourite carbs forever. The thing about following a ketogenic diet is that you only get its benefits when you’re in ketosis, i.e. when you’re eating very few carbs. As soon as you start eating lots of fruit or some bread regularly, your body will shift from being in ketosis and you will lose all the progress you’ve made. Not only that, but keto can come with some uncomfortable side effects, including bad breath and constipation.

Despite the side effects, some people will thrive on keto. They will be easily able to maintain a very high-fat, low-carb eating style over the long-term. The key word here is long-term. The ketogenic diet is perfect for people who are willing to radically change their eating habits for good. Keto’s fall in popularity shows us that many of us aren’t willing to take that plunge. And that’s okay! Science has shown us that a huge variety of diets can be effective in promoting health and weight loss. One of the most important variables is whether you can stick to the diet. And what determines that? Well, your preferences for one, as well as what your body reacts well to.

The keto issue has affirmed my nutrition philosophy: make changes you can live with. If that’s keto, awesome. Otherwise, that’s fine too. In the end, nutrition and fitness experts like me can help guide you. Your palate and your metabolism have the final say in determining what diet is best for you.

Make sure to check out the blog post I wrote about my take on the keto diet. Have you tried the keto diet or making big lifestyle changes? Please don’t be shy – share your story below!

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