The Anonymous Nutrition Cheater: An Introduction

August 19, 2012 8:00 am / Posted in , ,

I suppose I should start by saying that I’m just like you: I have a sweet tooth and I enjoy my salty carbs… Delicious salty, yummy, soda-baiting carbs.

But, the thing is, they don’t control me like they used to. One reason why is that I’ve come up with some tricks and implemented others that changed me from a Sweet & Salty Monster to Sweet & Salty Moderate.

Sound boring to you? It’s not. Some of my tricks are so simple that I’m SURE you’ll want to try them because they’re also DELICIOUS.

Which brings me to this blog. Does Burke approve of it? 

Well, obviously, because you’re reading it on his website but also, not really. He’s an Ottawa Nutrition Coach. Burke can’t really condone the things I’ll be talking about in this series. However, it became clear to him (and I am a client of his) that some of my tips were really quite practical and could help a lot of you out.

I started from Square One. But my weight is now under control and I’m allowed to indulge myself with a treat every week!

So, expect my tips to come to you every second Monday starting next week. You can check back here or if you’ve liked Burke’s Facebook Page, he’ll be sharing the link there.

Stay Tuned…

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